Navigator Credit Union is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors which works in conjunction with the Supervisory Committee to insure the Credit Union is fiscally sound. The Overview Committee provides additional opportunities for members to discuss loan options while the Nominating Committee seeks qualified individuals to serve as volunteers. All volunteers are members of the Credit Union, elected by you, the members. They provide guidance to Navigator’s senior management to ensure the Credit Union’s vision and values are safeguarded while keeping our members’ primary interests at heart.

The volunteer members are:

Board of Directors

(Chairman) Board of Directors (Vice-Chairman) Board of Directors Board of Directors (Advisory Member)
Joseph V. Krebs,
Jr. (Chairman)
Bobby Laney
Barbara Harris
(Secretary) Board of Directors Board of Directors Board of Directors
C. L. Ates Ron M. Elias Robert L. Harry
Board of Directors (Advisory Member)
Tony Taylor


Supervisory Committee

(Chairman) Supervisory Committee Supervisory Committee Supervisory Committee
Chuck M. Ruth
Doug Gautier Carl Perry
Supervisory Committee Asset Liability Management Committee (listed w/Supervisory Committee)
Dave Whitney Richard Schenk
(Asset Liability
Management Committee)


Overview Committee

Overview Committee Overview Committee
Dorothy D. Todd
Johnny F. Jones Tommy Leonard
Overview Committee Board of Directors (Advisory Member)
Dave Saucier Tony Taylor


Nominating Committee

(Chairman) Nominating Committee Nominating Committee
Jim O’Brien
Willie Bradley Kayla Farris


Professional Support

Professional Support - Certified Public Accountant Professional Support - Attorney
Jack Oppie
(Certified Public
Michael Fondren