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A Different Kind of Number

Roman numerals are a kind of number used hundreds and hundreds of years ago. They look just like letters. But each one equals a particular value. Take a look at the key and some rules for using Roman numerals. Then try translating the Roman numerals at right.

To form a number, combine the symbols, and then add the values. For example, DCXI is 500 + 100 + 10 + 1 = 611. Some smaller values (I, X and C) can come before larger values. When they do, you must subtract the smaller value from the larger value, and then add it to the total.

So XLIV = (50 ? 10) + (5 ? 1) = 44.

1. VI =
2. LXX =
3. MCC =
4. XC =
5. CM =
6. XCV =
7. XIII =
8. XCIX =

See the answers here.